A deer appeared next to my bed one night in the form of tiny moving sparks of light..red and turquoise. Having been fast asleep I was terrified and yelled (a first for me in the world of dreams) It stared right at me, looked just as startled and disappeared (obviously:D)

I struggled so much to capture a red and turquoise lightform, maybe paint is the wrong medium. Finally I moved away from those colours but I did find the magic by way of clear silver glitter paint. It *sparkles*


Deer symbolises your inner child, intuition, vigilance, the ability to change direction quickly, regeneration.

Acrylic on canvas, 2012 – 2020

copyA deer friend I made around age 9 I’m guessing. No memory of this but I found the photo and it made me smile. This would gave been at Rhodes Memorial (Cape Town, South Africa)

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