In which

..i learn a few things about the Lubitel 166B

1. it’s very tricky and time-consuming to get the horizon line straight (south bank of the river thames, london)

2. and easy to forget to transport the film to the next exposure after you’ve taken a shot :P

3. sometimes it’s impossible to straighten out the lines in your viewfinder! the field level was flat here and after ages of shifting, I gave up and took the shot.  (sherwood forest, nottingham)

4. success! i taped up the back of my camera quite a lot as I’d read about how light can leak into the 166B’s

5. i really really really missed being able to zoom into things and have more control over composition. (wapping, london)

6.  it’s really difficult to focus with this camera ( i used the distance meter ring and estimated how far I was standing from the subject) and you can’t get closer than 1.4 meters  (sintra, portugal)