I used to collect tins, boxes and paper but this becomes a storage problem after a while… fortunately recycling became an option and I could get rid of most of it without feeling it was too much of a loss. A little sad when I think of the supercool Joko tins I let go, but this Oxo one survived the purge along with Colemans mustard and a gorgeous plastic Moirs pepper shaker.

I even let go of my vintage Coca-cola bottles.. the cans I turned into tealight candle holders like the ones below, and sold them at a craft market for cash money (but mostly for the Love;) So easy to make – all you need is cement, some cans and varnish or shellac if you want to protect them from rust.. it’s easier to carve out the tealight hollows when the cement has set but isn’t totally dry yet.

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